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Internet Marketing Trends Worth Keeping Up With Today

Internet marketing trends are changing as fast as technology is adapting and evolving to customers needs. We venture to name some of the most noteworthy trends that reflect the advances that have been made in technology today.
Faster Web Hosting Web hosting of some kind is required for your website. Web hosting is simply a folder on a server that stores your website files. Having a webhost that can provide fast load time is imperative to have a highly effective website that can offer users an optimal experience and minimise bounce rate.

These website platforms are hosting your site for you. The quality of your web hosting is important especially if you have a lot of traffic going to your website. When choosing a suitable web host you should take into consideration the bandwidth, RAM and hard drive your site will need, especially if it’s a high traffic site you will need more of these resources.

Your webhost will offer performance enhancements that will ultimately increase the l..

How To Utilize Google Autocomplete for SEO In 2020

When you type in a keyword into the search box, you know how you get a list of keyword predictions?
This is called Google Autocomplete. Its purpose is to save users time. In fact, according to Google, it lowers typing time by 25%.
There’s no doubt that this feature makes our lives easier, especially when using Google Search on mobile devices.
Google Autocomplete is often overlooked by digital marketers, so taking the time to understand it can give you an edge over your competition.
What Is Google Autocomplete? Google Autocomplete is a Google Search feature that provides search term predictions.
For example, if you type “what is the capital of” into the search bar, you will see something like this:
As you continue typing, predictions will adjust accordingly, until you see the search term you want to use.
You can then simply click on that option instead of typing it all out.
Google Autocomplete’s purpose is to help you save time by completing the search query that you had in mind..

The Best Guide to Brand Building through Social Media

Social media doesn’t feel quite ‘social’ when you are merely another face in the horde, does it? And then you glance at some at likes of the Starbucks, or GoPro with their huge fan following and wonder how you can replicate only a portion of their performance. However, the reality is you are certainly not alone if you are struggling to be noticeable as a brand.
Today marketer’s top priority is brand awareness. Indeed, social media platforms are a one-to-many solution to get the word out about your services and products. By building a strong brand presence on at least one or two social media, you can easily target a broader audience.
If you have just started out with social media to enhance your brand awareness, then you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll learn the importance of brand presence on social media and powerful strategies to boost your brand awareness through social media.
Let’s dive right in!
The Importance of Social Media for Branding
Social media marketing provide..

How to Build Your Brand From Scratch

How to Build Your Brand From Scratch   If you’re launching a brand-new organization, determining how to construct your brand name from scratch can be actually difficult. It can be so difficult in truth, lots of people have outstanding concepts however discover themselves practically incapacitated in this phase. You might have many concepts drifting around and wish to guarantee whatever…

The Best Guide To The SERPs For Beginners In 2020

The SERPs (search engine results pages) are the listings you see whenever you type a query into a search engine.
For most of us (63%, plus 90% of mobile searches), that search engine will be Google, so if your website does well in Google’s SERPs, you’re going to see a lot of organic traffic.
When it comes to digital marketing, organic traffic is something of a Holy Grail. Why? Because as opposed to paid advertising, where you pay to get eyes on your content, organic clicks = free clicks.
However, the SERPs aren’t as straightforward as they once were, and there are several ways they can influence the amount of organic traffic you get.
So, let’s take a look at some of the different forms of traffic, how the SERPs affect them, and how you can get your website noticed in SERPs.
What Types of SERP Results Are There? When you look at a Google SERP or any other search engine results page, you will see two types of results: organic and paid.
The results in the red box are paid listings,..

When Can Google Maps GMB Content Cause Google Ads Disapprovals?

Any restricted terms that find their way into your website’s source code can cause Google to disapprove your Google Ads (AdWords) ad – even if you didn’t personally add that content to your site. That’s the short answer.
“Banned” terms that show up on your Google My Business page (like in your description) or on Google Maps (in the form of Google reviews) won’t prompt Google to pull your ads, as long as that content stays on your GMB page(s) or in your reviews. You run into trouble only if a person or piece of software puts even one of those restricted terms onto your site.
By the way, I find it tiresome to call them “restricted terms” or “disallowed content” or whatever constitutes Google’s huge no-fly list of search terms in AdWords. So from now on I’ll just refer to them as BAdWords.

Beware review widgets – at least the kind that “streams” online reviews (like Google Maps reviews) and sticks them onto your site in any way. That was the toe-popper one of my clients and I stepped ..

Microsoft Bing Shopping Campaigns How to Set Up for e-Com Businesses

Google may lead the search engine ranks, but they’re not the only player in the game.
Bing holds 11.22% of the global search engine market share. Compared to Google’s 72.94%, that may not seem like much — but with upwards of a third of US desktop searches coming from Bing (and Bing-backed AOL and Yahoo), it’s pretty huge.
For ecommerce businesses, that makes Microsoft Shopping Campaigns (formally known as Bing shopping campaigns) a killer opportunity to boost your bottom line.
NOTE: Bing now refers to all platforms related to their shopping ads by the Microsoft name. For example, what was once called the “Bing Merchant Center” is now the “Microsoft Merchant Center.”
Bing Does Not Equal Google, but That Could Be a Good Thing Long story short: Your paid media strategy deserves diversification, and Bing is the place to find it.
Because Bing offers unique demographics you may not be able to target from Google Ads.
More than 70% of Bing users are over the age of 35. At the same ..

Why site speed is critical for your SEO success and how to make it happen

30-second summary: The fact alone that the search engine giant has deemed site speed important should be enough for you to make it a priority. As your page load speed increases second-by-second, the bounce rate also increases a lot. It’s challenging enough to craft a call-to-action that convinces your site visitors to buy your product or services without adding any additional hurdles. Sprinkle in a bit of slow page load time, and you could be missing out on a ton of revenue. A walk through how to identify your site speed issues and fix them. Google has confirmed site speed as one of the 200+ factors that Google uses to determine your website’s position in search. The fact alone that the search engine giant has deemed site speed important should be enough for you to make it a priority. Beyond that, however, there are other reasons you should place a focus on the speed of your site.
Let’s look at a couple of other critical reasons why you need to focus on your site’s speed for the succe..

Social Media Tips for College Students In Business

As a student, social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It can be an excellent way to connect with likeminded people and to network. It can also be your downfall if what people primarily see when they look at your social media accounts is not consistent with the image a potential future employer or graduate department is looking for. Having a social media presence is a good idea but only if you use it wisely.
Clean Up Old Profiles If you’re like most people your age, you have social media profiles going back to your early teens. It’s probably time to delete some of them. In fact, unless you are specifically building your career on one or more platforms, it’s not a bad idea to nuke your profiles every few years and start fresh. This doesn’t just ensure that your past is less likely to come back to haunt you but also helps you clear out all those random people you met in class or on spring break that you haven’t spoken to since. In the meantime, keep in mind that privacy..

Online Business In 2020 6 Tips to Build a Successful One

It’s so common these days to hear rags-to-riches stories about these young entrepreneurs who have harvested the potential of the world-wide-web and made themselves billionaires working only from their phones. So if you want to follow in their footsteps and build a successful online empire, here are some tips that will catapult you to the very top.
Find something you actually like There are so many stories about people who tried to build a business out of something they know brings in good money, but they have no passion for – and failing miserably. This isn’t to say this has to be your life-long passion or something you care deeply about, but just something that you can spend a lot of time working with (because, let’s face it, this will not be a 9-5 job).
Look for high-paying opportunities Nobody even became a millionaire by selling one-cent candies. If you want to actually earn a lot, you have to sell things that will earn you a lot. A good example of this practice is affiliate mark..

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